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* How much notice is required to make a reservation?

All reservations have to me made at least 24 hours in advance, but we strongly suggest that you book your reservation at least 3 to 4 days in advance to ensure availability. You may call our office for same-day transfers. If you are traveling during a holiday season or spring/summer break, book your transportation at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance.

* How much notice is required to cancel a reservation?

Services cancelled with less than 48 hours notice are subject to a 20% cancellation fee. All cancellations received within 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up and no-shows are subject to a full charge to the credit card on file.

* May I make a last minute change to my reservation?

STAR TRANS-VIP attempts, to the best of its ability, to accommodate any last minute changes. Unfortunately, it is not always possible. If you would like to make a change to your existing reservation, please reply to your confirmation email. We will do our best.

* Do you provide car seats?

STAR TRANS-VIP will provide up to two car seats free of charge (has to be requested at the time of reservation). Any additional car / booster seat - $5.00

* Where do we meet the driver at the airport?

We offer complimentary "meet & greet" service at the airport. The driver will meet you at the baggage claim area with a sign. If your flight is an international flight, please call our dispatch departments as soon as you clear customs. The driver will meet you inside the airport within 10 min. If you reserved a mini bus, please collect your luggage and proceed to the commercial lane located in Terminal A and B, on the Ground Transportation Level (Level 1). Bus drivers are not allowed to leave their vehicles. The driver will be holding a greeting sign.

* When is the payment due?

We require a valid credit card for confirmation purposes, but it is not charged at the time of reservation. You can pay cash, credit or debit the day of your transfer. The credit card on file may be used as a payment option.

* Where do we meet the driver at the port?

The driver will be waiting for you at the commercial pick-up area with a sign. When the port is busy and the driver is waiting for more than 15 min, he might be asked to leave and wait at the holding area outside of the port. If you do not see your driver when you arrive to the commercial pick-up area, please call our dispatch department. He will re-enter the port and meet you within 10 min.

* How long will the driver be waiting for us at the airport or at the port?

We provide up to 30 min of waiting time at any Orlando airport and up to 15 min at the port free of charge. If you can not meet the driver at the scheduled time, please, contact our office immediately. Otherwise, the driver will leave and the status of your reservation will be changed to "NO SHOW". Additional waiting time fees may apply. For any point-to-point transfer (pick-up from a theme park, restaurant, hotel, resort or residence), please meet the driver at the scheduled time. If you are unsure of the time you would like to schedule your pick-up, please CONTACT US and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

* What vehicles do you provide?

We provide full-size luxury SUVs and corporate vans for groups/families up to 6 people (max 7-8 pieces of luggage) and corporate vans for groups/families up to 14 people (max 16-18 pieces of luggage). We can not guarantee the type of vehicle for families up to 6 people (depends on availability). Mini buses or multiple vehicles are used for groups up to 28 people.

* Do you offer shared transportation?

No. We provide private transfers only.

* Do you provide handicapped accessible vehicles?

Unfortunately, we not have any handicapped accessible vehicles in our fleet.

* Does the rate include tolls and tip?

The rate you see on our website and/or the rate you received from us via email, is a one-way rate for a private transfer from point A to point B. This rate includes all charges and fees. Gratuity is NOT included (20%).

* What happens if the driver is late?

We try to be on-time every time. We require all drivers to arrive at least 10 min prior to the scheduled pick-up. Unfortunately, sometimes it is impossible. Before the driver enters the airport and/or the port he has to clear security. Usually this process takes 5-10 min max. In some cases it can take up to 30 min if there is any problem with a vehicle in front of the line. If the driver is more than 15 min late, you have the right to cancel your transfer. If the driver arrives late, but you decide to depart with him we will gladly offer you a discount.

* If I left a personal item in the car, how can I get it back?

If you left an item in one of our vehicles, please report the lost item by phone or by filling out the CONTACT US form online. If your item has been found, we will deliver it to your hotel/resort for an additional charge. If you already left Orlando and wish to have UPS, Fedex or USPS deliver it to you, notify our customer service representative and we will ship it to you within one week.

* Do you provide complimentary stops?

Yes, we provide one 15 min stop on the way to your destination free of charge (does not apply to transfers with mini buses and motor coaches). Additional waiting time charges may apply.

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