Transportation from Port Canaveral to Orlando Airport | Early Flight from MCO

Many people cruise from Port Canaveral every single week. When the vacation is over it is time to go back home. There are many options for travelers who need to go from Port Canaveral cruise terminal to Orlando International Airport (MCO).

You can use a shared cruise shuttle, rent a car or book a private transfer from the port to the airport. Unfortunately, when you have an early flight the day of your arrival to the port that list a bit shorter.

Shared cruise shuttles start operation only around 10:30 am. Return flights must not be any earlier than 12:30 pm. If your flight is scheduled to depart earlier than 12:30 pm, the cruise line can not give you any guarantees. So if you purchased an early flight, your only option is a private transfer from the port to Orlando International Airport. Renting a car would take way too much time, that most people with an early flight simply do not have.

That is why many of our clients prefer to use our services to get from Port Canaveral to Orlando airport.

Most of our clients with an early flight participate in Self-Assist Program / Express Debarkation. The Self Assist Program permits travelers who wish to carry off their own luggage to disembark the ship as the first group. Upon completion of this program, general debarkation will begin.

Another option is Priority Debarkation. Guests who qualify will receive a special luggage tags which will entitle them to debark the ship after the Self Assist guests but before the general debarkation.

For any domestic flight, arrive to the airport 1.5 hours prior to departure; for international flight – 3 hours prior to departure.

We can pick you up as early as 7 am (depends on the cruise ship). Your driver will meet you at the commercial transportation area with a greeting sign. Travel time is only 45 min to one hour.

Interested? Then visit TRANSPORTATION FROM PORT CANAVERAL TO ORLANDO AIRPORT page for more information and our current rates. You can also fill out the quote request form on our website. See you very soon!